Sliding Scale Membership at Broad Room

Broad Room is committed to offering affordable studio space to as many creatives in our community as possible. For this reason, we are now offering a sliding scale membership for low-income folks in our community.

What will a Sliding Scale Membership get me?

As a Sliding Scale Member, you’ll have access to nearly everything The Star members have access to, including:

  • Full access to studio, including photo studio, during business hours

  • $5 discount on workshops

  • Discount on vending at markets

  • Invites to Members-Only Events

  • Access to Members-Only newsletter

  • Access to curated Reading Room Library

How much will I pay?

Sliding Scale Members are charged a monthly fee based on your income. Your monthly membership at Broad Room will be 2% of your monthly income + Paypal processing fees. That means, if you make $900 per month, your membership will cost $18.82 per month.

How do I apply?

  1. Fill out this form.

  2. Upon receiving your form (either in-person, via email, or regular mail), Broad Room will charge your initial month’s payment based on the income information provided and provide details for your 14-day temporary membership.

  3. Within two weeks of initial payment, you will need to submit your income documentation. Income documents can include your two most recent pay stubs or bank statements. If you have questions or special circumstances please email us at

  4. Once your income documentation has been received and your monthly payment confirmed, you will receive permanent membership information from Broad Room.

To apply for the Sliding Scale Membership, please fill out the form found here.

We look forward to having you join our community!